Company Overview

I started Fingerprints Marketing in 2009 and since then I have assisted companies large and small.  I enjoy watching individuals discover what their positioning and marketing plans could be.

Today, I’ve gone back to a full time marketing strategy position at a wonderful company – MRM Worldwide.  However, whenever I can fit it in, I continue to help businesses along the way.

Once a quarter, I facilitate a Marketing Strategy workshop at Schoolcraft Community College.  I find these sessions incredibly fulfilling and enjoying learning about small businesses in the metro Detroit area.

My Philosophy

  1. A clear understanding of your company personality (fingerprint) makes marketing decisions easier.
  2. There is no “right” marketing strategy. Companies must find the mix of tactics that will work best for their business.
  3. Great marketing plans do not require big budgets. Businesses can make an impact in the market on a shoestring.
  4. Consistency is key – Everything a company does makes a statement about the brand.
  5. Don’t try to become someone else. Set the path in your industry, don’t follow others.

A Little About Me – Lori Sullivan

My 20 year career has spanned engineering, consumer research, marketing, and business strategy. With this diverse background I’m positioned well to assist companies with their business and marketing strategies. I spent 10 years on the Marketing and Advertising team at General Motors focused on the Saturn brand. During this time, I had the opportunity to manage nearly every facet of the marketing mix – from the media plan, to Saturn.com, direct mail, and more. The last three years with the brand, I was responsible for the overall marketing strategy and brand plan.

While my background provided me with a rich foundation for freelance work, my personal experience in launching her own business provided me with the perspective of what it is like to market a very small company with a very small budget.

For additional details on my background, take a look at my LinkedIn profile.