Fiddlebumps Apothecary

Fiddlebumps ApothecaryClient Type – Established Business

Services Leveraged – Discover Your Fingerprint, Target Customer Definition, Marketing Mix, Logo Design, Refresh of Marketing Materials

Results – 57% increase in web traffic, highest two sales months since the company launched in 2008

Testimonial – Working with Lori has truly impacted my business in numerous positive ways. Lori is inspiring, perceptive, enthusiastic, creative, full of initiative and a pleasure to work with! In the two years Fiddlebump’s Apothecary has been in operation, it has had no clear identity, Lori helped me to understand & create a perfect brand identity. Through conducting surveys, challenging me with questions and adding her expertise, she inspired and led me to create a true and perfect “fingerprint” for Fiddlebump’s Apothecary. I have received a lot of feedback from current customers who have been extremely impressed with the changes made thus far. I highly recommend Lori to anyone with a business~ whether it is new or old~ I am confident that she will deliver inspiration and guidance to create the outcome you desire! – Holly Slawter; Owner – Fiddlebump’s Apothecary

Ecotelligent Homes

Ecotelligent HomesClient Type – New Business

Services Leveraged – Discover Your Fingerprint, Input on Marketing Materials – website, event display, email

Testimonial – “Working with Lori took the stress out of developing the brand imaging and marketing strategy for my company. Her questionnaire helped me to think about my company in a totally different perspective. She was flexible with her time and worked around my busy schedule. Lori offered so many suggestions for unique marketing tactics that have really helped to set my company apart from my competitors. Thanks Lori!” – Amanda Godward, Owner

The Food Artisan Market of Ann Arbor

Client Type – New Business

Services Leveraged – Discover Your Fingerprint, Target Customer Definition, Input on Marketing Materials

Testimonial – “Working with Lori has been a truly inspiring, educational process and I’m so glad we found her. The business concept has come together beautifully and much quicker than we thought. Where we lacked focus, we now have a vision with definition. In just a couple of weeks, Lori has transformed a vague, ambiguous business idea into a working concept with clear cut, realistic goals for the future and a brand image that jumps off the page.

I think that’s the beauty of a good marketing specialist – to inspire the entrepreneur to create while inspiring the target market to stop, look and listen. To help question what’s there, to provide thought provoking recommendations, to challenge the creators of the business to clarify and redefine goals, and then creatively and quickly bring it to light. It is about providing guidance and structure for the client without taking complete control of their project.

I highly recommend Lori to anyone developing a business. She is a productive, motivating and insightful presence in any group and also a joy to work with!” – Karen Myers, Founding Partner

Sweeping Beauties Housekeeping ServicesSweeping Beauties

Client Type – Established Business

Services Leveraged – Discover Your Fingerprint, Target Customers, Marketing Strategy, Input on Marketing Materials