Some of our marketing services include:

Discover Your Fingerprint

These services provide clarity on the primary point of difference of the company or individual. This is not the same as your strengths. A company may have many strengths, but only one key point of difference. A combination of the following information will be used in the process:

  • Questionnaire for internal team
  • Audit of current marketing materials
  • Competitive assessment and analysis
  • Current / potential customer research

Output – Company Image Document – Clear definition of your company “fingerprint” that can be used in the future to keep strategies on track

Make Your Mark

Today, the marketing space is very cluttered and there are more ways for companies to spend their precious resources than ever before. Fingerprints Marketing will develop plans that directly target the most likely buyers for any product or service. Financial efficiencies will be gained by providing tools that allow a company to choose to execute as many or as few of the marketing materials themselves. The following services are available:

  • Define primary target customer groups
  • Develop strategies to reach each target
  • Recommended marketing mix
  • Marketing strategy and tactical plan
  • Development of marketing materials – website, brochures, social media, and more

Track Your Prints

Too often, companies do not have a formal tracking system in place to understand their marketing performance. Fingerprints Marketing believes that a strong tracking system leads to more efficient spending and insights that will drive a business ahead of the competition. Tracking services include:

  • Evaluation of current marketing performance
  • Development of performance tracking documents that are unique to each business client
  • Recommend adjustments to marketing strategy and tactics based on performance metrics